Review Policy


Status – Currently accepting any review request.


     First of all, thank for you taking consideration for wanting me to review your book and your fascination on my blog.

     So if you do want me to promote the/your book, I would be able to do Blog Tours, Guest Posts, Author Interviews, and maybe Cover Reveals and/or Excerpts, only if you approve of this also.

     Now I may review your book if I’m familiar with this book (which does increase the likelihood to review the book), but if it’s a book I have no idea what it’s about whatsoever, I would think about it if I would be able to review your book. This is mostly based on the synopsis mostly. Did the summary convinced me to read the whole story or it just kind of bores me out of me or maybe it did but it has the potential to be a good read for me?

     In my blog, I mostly read and review Young Adult books, but I’ll accept Middle Grade or Adult books( most preferably MG and YA for me). Currently, I’m not accepting reading and reviewing New Adult books since I’m not really familiar with books around that age level. But maybe in the near future, I would be reading NA books at some point and would read more. And just so you know these books I’m reviewing are fictional. If you want me to read books besides fictional books (Memoirs, Auto/Biographies, Non-Fiction, Religious, etc.), then I’m not interested with the book, also indie and self-published books (only exception is how familiar is the author), even in the future.

     So the genres that I would able to read on MG, YA, or Adult books would be:

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Fantasy / High Fantasy
  • Dystopian / Utopian
  • Thriller (only towards YA and MG, not Adult / General)
  • Science Fiction
  • Horror / Suspense
  • Action / Adventure
  • Diversity (LGBT, Ethnic, Mental Conditions, etc.)

     So any other genre besides the ones listed above are just genres that I’m not in the mood currently for a while.

     So, you can email me at either badaryan10 AT gmail DOT com.


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