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     First of all, let’s have a “Meetup Conversation” since you’re going to know me more than what you would see at my other profiles all over social media. Helloooo reader. My name’s Ryan Bada.Yours?

*crickets started chirping*

     Okay. Seems you just want to read then since you’re the “read”er  and that’s what readers do, read. It’s that self-explanatory.


     Well anyway, here’s what you need to know me in general. I’m a 14-year-old Filipino-American who’s loves reading (of course), wants to be a writer in the near future, and whenever I don’t read / blog, most likely, either I spend most of the free time on Twitter or YouTube or that I would lay on my bed and do nothing at all. 

     So from my blog title, it’ll be fun if I do 14 confessions since I’m 14 and you know. So my confessions could be either bookish or not and without further ado, here are the 14 confessions.

1. I have an older sister. But she has Down Syndrome. If you don’t know what it is, it’s where she has an extra copy of chromosome 21 which affects her intellect. But like every sister all over the world, I love her as a sister and embraces who she is every day. Sounds a bit cheesy but it’s how I feel.

2. When I was still attending at my middle school a year or 2 ago, I became a volunteer to work at the school library for 2 years and I have a great time as I was at the library. I mean books are around me and I get to do the whole checking out and in process and reorganize library books, which I rarely do to be honest. But I really enjoyed my time there. I used to do this before school, lunch, and also during class (which I was happy about, instead of sitting all the time in class).

3. Coming from Confession #2, the school library have classes where you do what I mostly do as I volunteer but it’s like a test and becomes a grade for that class and I tried to get in that class like it’s one of my priorities, but nope. They instead gave me other electives and I was pissed off at it. Guess it’s my fault to sign up for AVID, which I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad but it’s college. It’s an another priority to attend one of the universities I wanted to attend in.

4. Whenever I buy books, I feel like I regret it. I mean I use my own money to purchase them and that it could affect how much I would’ve have when I am about to leave for college. Like I spend more on books than video games, though I rarely buy video games.

5. I love Pokemon. I have known about it since around the age of 2 or 3 when I first saw the anime of Pokemon and my interest with Pokemon grew. From buying the first Pokemon game my parents got me, LeafGreen…or was it FireRed. But from there to now I used to played the recent Pokemon game, Omega Ruby, I would never forget about Pokemon since it’s been my childhood and at times, now.

6. I used to not like reading.

Yeah. I know. I really didn’t understand the purpose about reading as my mind was filled with toys and such that kids-at that time-care about. But I kind of know how I didn’t like reading, which I’m surprised to know since it’s a long time ago. So whenever my teachers would go to our school library, I always go to the Non-Fiction aisle of my elementary school library all the time, since most of my classmates always go to from the distance between us (Ha! Like the book by Kasie West) and the whole array of books waiting to make one of the students to see and what it is and as you all see, you know why I don’t review Non-Fiction  books here. Just that I’m not enjoying with that genre…until Diary of a Wimpy Kid came in the picture. All of the kids at my school would die to get those books at my library and surprising, they have a short amount of it…which I didn’t get the chance to check out, but it did intrigue me, which lead to now.

7. I’m a mood reader, which you read books that you feel like you’re in the mood to read if you don’t know what it means. It’s a setback for me since I do have so many books to read and I want to read all of them but by choice, I want to read books I just feel like reading, though it doesn’t affect me with the whole experience with reading any book I have read.

8. I rarely reread books…for now. I only reread books either I want to entertain myself again through the book or that I have difficulty knowing specifically what that book is about like for instance…A Series of Unfortunate Events. I read them like in the 6th grade and that was the closest where it reminded me from the childhood, which is weird because my childhood should mostly be around the time I was at my elementary school. But anyway, even though I knew the key parts of each and every one of the books, I wanted to dive back to the 6th-grade-me and as I hold any of the books in that series, I would read it and just be delighted with the absurdity and uniqueness of the book that I never seen from all the books I read from that age level.

9. Another fact about A Series of Unfortunate Events, I actually read them in the wrong order. Ugh!! What have I done 6th-grade-me. I know it was like a few years ago and that I don’t know which books I read first and second and so on, but I do know which one I haven’t read. I know I didn’t read the 6th book and the 13th one but not clearly sure I didn’t read the 8th and 12th one, though I might read some pages of it but didn’t finished it I guess.

10. I used to judge a book by its cover. I do that sometimes, but not as much as how often the 6th-grade-me did when he walks to the school library. I mean Anna and the French Kiss for example, I didn’t get along with the bench cover and Anna’s attempt to hold Etienne’s hand…which I don’t know if that’s him. Sorry but I didn’t read the book as of now, the one when he just started this blog. But when the cover change happened…I needed to read that book, which I have got. And then Throne of Glass. I mean girl with the small dagger at her arm…no. But when Crown of Midnight came out, thank goodness the cover changed and it’s one of the best cover changes up-to-date.

11. I rarely get sick/ill. Out of one year, I either not get sick or I do…once. But ironically, I’m not the one who wants to get perfect attendance all year until he’s done with college. I did but not anymore.

12. I’m a book smeller. Seems to be everyone would be weirded out by this but if you’re in the book community, it’s considered a norm. I mean I have a friend who is considered book smellers and out of my group of friends, I have that one friend who thinks we’re from another world of something and calls it weird and unusual for everyone.

13. I DNF’d books so many times. Like so much, but not too much. Either because I don’t have time to read the book or that I just not in a mood to read it right now and I do hate that. That I didn’t finished the book and it’ll be able to be at my TBR for a long time…unless I hated the book so much and that DNF-ing it is the best choice for me and yeah. You deserve to be DNF’d, book.

And lastly but not least, 14. Even though my family knows I read a lot, they don’t really give me bookish presents. Either on Christmas or on my birthday, they always give me money, which is considered to be true everyone…well not everyone, but the people where  they’ve been through this scenario before. Even if the money they give me could make me want to go to Barnes and Noble or Target, I would rather be surprised on what they actually give me and that they put a lot of thought through this.

     And that are my 14 confessions…I want to confess to all of you and so that’s all for what you want to know more about me and so…bye.



10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, I found you on Twitter with the most #RealYA tweet, and I just want to say your blog is really awesome (I’m really glad I found a male bookworm here, because there aren’t nearly as many of those as there are females). BTW, I’m Filipino-American too!


    • That’s so cool! Thanks for looking at my blog. I appreciate another Filipino-American who loves reading as well. ☺️ And yes, we don’t have many males in the bookish community but it is what it is.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, Ryan!

    I really enjoyed reading your bookish confessions! That is so creative.

    I got linked to your blog from Joey from Another Afterthoughts’s book tag – can’t wait to read yours too!

    Kevin @ Bookevin


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