Holiday Book Tag

     Welcome to my first ever tag on this blog! This tag has been created by Megan @ MagicBookBuyer and I was tagged by Claire @ Blankslaters and let’s get

     First up is A Picture of Green and Red Books I Own.

     Well here it is but it sure did took a while them all off, take a pic of them, and rearrange them back to where they were…and also some books I have to take off to get the red/green book. In total, I have around 40 red and green books.

red-and-green-books-hardcover   red-and-green-books-paperback

     Next up is Would You Rather Drink Tea, Hot Chocolate, or Coffee While I’m Reading?

     First up, I would cross off hot chocolate because of the fact I don’t like chocolate…yes, I really do.

     Well because I don’t like the taste with it. Just get use to it. We all have different taste buds so we all shouldn’t get to love every food and/or drink there is. But between tea and coffee, I rather say tea because I drink tea more often. I kind of drink coffee but it depends on the flavor and how milky it is.

     What Is Your Favorite Book To Read Around This Time of Year?


     Since I’m reading a book during the holidays, I loved reading My True Love Gave to Me by many authors. I would also recommend it for people who want to read stories with a winter-y feeling and that has cover stories more than just Christmas. I have only read half of the 12 stories so far but I enjoyed most of them. If you were to say which stories I loved the most, it would be Rowell‘s, Perkins‘s, and De La Pena‘s. 

     What Is A Book I’m Really Hoping To Get This Holiday Season?

     I never get books on Christmas…yeah, here we go again…

     I guess I’m special from some people in the world. But anyway, I just don’t. I get money and a B&N Gift Card on Christmas, but I rather like a book for Christmas, especially a book I really want to get. But I never though about what I want since I do expect the usual every holiday season. So let’s leave it there and say a book that I see in B&N that I want around that time.

     And lastly, but not certainly the least, What Book Would You Give To Someone This Season & Why?

     I would give someone a book that I have read and LOVED that became a favorite for this year. Either Illuminae, The Start of Me and You, or Daughter of Deep Silence. Illuminae was one of the most action-packed book I read and it literally blew my mind after reading it. It just had everything I want
with a few things that was more better. So that would be recommended for who sure The Start of Me and You Coverwant to go on an adventure and would be enthralled with it. For people who wants an adorable read with a bookish character you’ll fall for and a romance that slowly grows on you and make you love them forever, The Start of Me and You is the one for you. I adore the characters iDaughter of Deep Silence Covern the book and the story makes you enjoy life itself even at the worst times. So pick this up as well when you see this. And lastly, I would give Daughter of Deep Silence who has watched Revenge. It’s really similar to the show but has teenage characters and not mainly all adult characters. It has the sort of adrenaline that makes you want to read more. So I definitely recommend all of these books because I enjoy them, so you should try them out.

I didn’t plan to tag anyone so if anyone want to this tag themselves, go for it.


6 thoughts on “Holiday Book Tag

    • Totally!! Highly recommended and since it’s optioned for a movie, I know so many people will read it since they get books that are movies only. It makes me happy to have so many people love it like me.


  1. I definitely agree! My True Love Gave To Me is a great book to read around this time of year. In fact, I am currently reading it right now. I have heard soooo many recommendations for this book, so I will definiely read Illuminae in 2016. Great post and Happy New Year!


    • Yay for Illuminae!! Read it now though, for New Year’s Day. Also have you read Midnights by Rainbow Rowell in My True Love Gave to Me because I loved it and also, it’s takes place on New Year’s Eve when it happens.


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