Boy Meets “Book-Blogging” World

Boy Meets “Book-Blogging” World

     Hey everyone…or should I say the few who are reading this as of right now. 

     First of all, I will tell you guys why am I here so you’ll see how it lead me to make another blog…again. And also what lead me to become an official reviewer before establishing my own blog. And…yeah, that’s basically it.

     So it started about 2 years ago when I got a copy of Veronica Roth’s Divergent and Sarah Dessen’s The Moon and More at my Barnes and Noble. So as I started read both of them separately during the summer, I really l-ove both of them and one day after reading Divergent, I looked at the Goodreads sticker that they used to put in the cover telling it’s “One of the Best Books of 2011” and as I scroll in Goodreads, I started to get into it by rating books and doing crappy reviews of the books I’ve read in Goodreads at that time, but later as I read other people’s reviews of the book I loved reading, which was The Moon and More, and this one reviewer who read the book also (who is now my friend on Goodreads) by the name Thomas @ The Quiet Voice. And as I went to other websites after this, sometimes I think about being a blogger and become an official reviewer and after a few blunders from creating a book blog, I finally made one. The only reas-on I went back-and-forth creating a blog is because of the time manage-ment with trying to make a blog with doing my schoolwork in the most productive way possible and so, it ended catastrophically since I have to work with my timing. But I agree that I really need to balance both of them since at some point, I need to balance a few things in order to get what I wanted. Another reason I ended up deleting my past blog is because of the fact I went through a major reading slump. Being in a slump for 2-3 mon-ths is insane for me because I tried to get myself to read to “make the books go to me” if you know what I mean, but there was still no progress for getting back to reading. And thank goodness YALLWEST came and it really made me went back in a reading spirit as I got to meet so many authors a-nd bought a few books and to have my books signed. So back to what lead me here, this is how I chose to make a blog and I wouldn’t done this if Thomas didn’t posted his book reviews in Goodreads, which lead to looki-ng at his blog and for not reading Divergent nor Moon and More (mostly Divergent).

     And also I have to talk about the expectations about this blog (which I pretty much won’t do but  whatever). So most of this blog would contain book reviews, tags both of what I created and tags I was requested from other bloggers. I’m not sure if I would participate in blog tours but mostly like I will do at least one and giveaways also not sure, but I will do one or two at least. But you know, over time, I would just realized I have never do a giveaway, for example, or this book review I was planning to write about.


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